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Foot and ankle problems are unique in that they affect your mobility and can stop you from getting around. At New York City Ankle & Foot in Woodside and Jackson Heights, Queens, skilled podiatrists Shweta Raina, DPM, Rolando Melendez, DPM, and their team perform foot and ankle reconstruction surgery to restore your feet and ankles and improve your mobility. Book your consultation for foot and ankle reconstruction by phone or request one online today.

Foot and Ankle Reconstruction Q & A

What is foot and ankle reconstruction?

A network of bones, tendons, and ligaments work together to make up your feet and ankles. They keep your feet and ankles flexible and mobile, allowing you to walk, run, jump, kick, and make other essential movements. When parts of your feet or ankles are damaged or worn, your mobility can suffer. Foot and ankle reconstruction is a surgery to repair ligament and tendon damage to help you move and prevent more injuries.

Tendons stretch to help your joints move while ligaments limit your joints’ movement. Damage to either of them can cause problems with your joints, and severe damage to them might not ever heal on its own. During foot and ankle reconstruction, the team at New York City Ankle & Foot finds the damaged ligaments and tendons and repairs them with sutures or grafts. 

Your foot and ankle reconstruction surgery might also include bone spur removal. Bone spurs are overgrown bones that can rub against tendons and ligaments to cause further damage. They may also cut or move certain bones to allow for the best possible mobility in your foot and ankle. 

When do I need foot and ankle reconstruction?

Foot and ankle reconstruction is a necessary treatment in some cases. If your injury, deformity, or condition causes severe pain or joint instability, surgery is likely the most effective option to fix it. The team at New York City Ankle & Foot frequently recommends foot and ankle reconstruction to treat:

  • Acute tendon and ligament tears
  • Bone spurs
  • Degenerative damage to ligaments and tendons
  • Overuse injuries to ligaments and tendons

The team might recommend conservative treatment options before recommending surgery. Often, physical therapy, rest, and medications are enough to heal an injury in your foot or ankle and restore most or all of its mobility. 

How should I prepare for foot and ankle reconstruction?

Before your foot and ankle reconstruction, you’ll need to follow several specific instructions. Preparing for your surgery well can reduce your chances of surgery-related complications and improve your recovery after the surgery. After evaluating you during a consultation and asking about your medical history and lifestyle, the team at New York City Ankle & Foot might recommend:

  • Stopping smoking right away
  • Avoiding blood-thinning medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.)
  • Avoiding food and drinks shortly before your surgery
  • Losing some weight before your surgery
  • Asking questions about your surgery, so you know what to expect

The team also helps you prepare for the recovery period after foot and ankle reconstruction, which can take up to 12 months in total. If you know what to expect for the recovery, you can make arrangements to take time off at work and gradually return to your hobbies and daily activities. 

To find out more about foot and ankle reconstruction, and what yours might involve, book a consultation by calling the office or using the online booking tool.